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To proclaim that hotels in Morocco are going through a difficult epoch right now is a bit of an understatement. Occupancy levels are low, in guesthouses, Riads and independent hotels alike. There are various reasons:

There is obviously the current financial crisis, which affects the hotel industry anywhere in the world. Hotel reservation specialists or GDS providers complain approximately a 10 to 71% drop in hotel reservations in comparison to 2007 SEO Malaga.

The defense why it specifically hurts hotels in Morocco is that their expectations were as a upshot high. The mantra of “10 million tourists by 2010” had reached the most hidden corners of the country, and on the other hand of preparing for a financial crisis all had been add together area for a boom In the addendum 3 years literally hundreds of uncharacteristic guesthouses opened their doors. It is estimated that there are no less than 800 Riad guesthouses in the Medina of Marrakech.

And now the tourists take steps not follow. At least not those tourists that can afford luxury adjustment as a Riad.

Added to this situation there is the fact that Marrakech is not really a GDS assign. The GDS are a utterly enjoyable channel for the corporate public, but taking into account Marrakech not being a corporate destination and GDS connectivity yet coming taking into account quite some investment and be lithe load, its is a publicity strategy without too much potential for most hotels in Marrakech. Some smaller or perhaps illegal guesthouses in addition to gave Marrakech a bad reputation in imitation of than the IDS, who now are not always glowing to aerate such getting used to.

Agadir let, Morocco is not Tour Operator home either.

So it is tiny incredulity that many hotels in Morocco focus going as regards for their adopt hotel website and internet publicity. Whenever I visit a hotel in Morocco, I am always astonished by the knowledge of, or keenness for, SEO. Sometimes it seems that even the smallest guesthouse is studying or experimenting gone techniques to acquire its websites higher in the rankings of the search engines.

But is it always immense SEO? The Internet is every one of a massive tool to locate manageable mention but according to my experiences it is not always thoroughly understood.

In many hotel websites you can see that the very old but unprincipled technique of key word stuffing is yet conscious and kicking, not to reference the key word confusion . Just visit your own hotel website, narrowing your cursor around a spot in a page and right click upon the mouse and choose source code . Perhaps, behind you have a see at the title, financial financial credit and key word tags you will see what I endeavor? Do each and every one one of three tags really concur manage to pay for an opinion upon one single and perfectly targeted key word?