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The word in the Greek is Aster or Astro. This is where we profit the word Astronomy. Astronomy is a psychiatry of the stars subsequent to all their astrophysical systems. This would supplement going on our solar system. The solar system is an example of a star system. The sun is one of several kinds of stars. Some stars pair in the works following others. Some are grouped as global star systems. Some are grouped as retrieve clusters. Some are enormously serious even though others are intensely small. All are in systems called galaxies. The entire quantity system is called the universe. Even even though there have been studies from the arrival of time, we know unquestionably tiny more or less them.

There are indications that the star systems were made for God’s angelic host. Our solar system was created for the benefit of the human race. The universe is an example of God’s handiwork. It declares the glory of God. It plus tells us the sun has a circuit bible black.

The Bible tells us God “stretched out the aerate as a curtain.” He as well as named all the stars. We know the universe is yet expanding. The Bible tells us the universe is unconditionally large, but not infinite. God is greater than before than the universe.

The Bible tells us God is in all place of the universe, but He is not a portion of it. In new words, the universe is not God. We are told in the Bible that it is a sin adjoining God to elevate the universe. It moreover tells us that the stars make a obtain of not declare our lives. According to Genesis 1:14-19 they were to be “for signs, for seasons, and for days and for years.” One set of stars is what we call the zodiac. The horoscope and astrology are perversions of God’s original intend for the universe.

We will always have questions of which we stumble on zenith of. One such ask is that if the universe is unaided thousands of years earliest, how come we can see stars that are billions of roomy years from us. I am certain this is no difficulty gone God. The fact we reach have problems when it without help shows our finiteness. Here are some practicable solutions. Perhaps buoyant travels differently in impression than we have been taught to think.