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The Auras of Galaxies

Science observes that galaxies are along along in the middle of all-powerful halos of dark issue. Curiously a same observation was made by a Hindu mystic, half a century ago. He too saw halos around galaxies – but they were anything but dark or invisible. He says:

“The divine dispersion of rays poured from an eternal Source, flaming happening stirring into galaxies, transfigured forward ineffable auras.” – Paramahansa Yogananda, 1946

The term “aura” is frequently used in metaphysics to take goal a colored radiation emanating from an try. Spherical halos regarding saints, as depicted in certain paintings, are considered auras not far-off off from the head region. What were invisible halos to scientists appeared as a glowing aura regarding the galaxies to this saint, as he observed them half a century ago. Was he seeing what our scientific instruments could not see – the dark issue counterparts of these galaxies? Paramahansa Yogananda next observed in 1946 that the “astral luminaries resemble the aurora borealis”. Based vis–vis plasma metaphysics, it is easy to see that the aura is generated in a similar process as the aurora aufora inspiratio.

The Aurora

Kristian Birkeland put attend to the auroral theory which is now widely in style by scientists. According to him, electrically charged particles ejected from sunspots are captured by Earth’s magnetic arena and directed along the arena’s lines into the polar regions. The charged particles follow spiral or helical tracks nearly the lines of force. The incoming particles be anodyne the atoms and molecules in the appearance and ionize them – stripping them into their non-genderless constituents. This results in the rosy displays that are united back auroras.

Birkeland used a easy device to prove his theory – he placed a sphere containing an electromagnet inside a large vacuum chamber, which represented the environment on the subject of the Earth and its magnetic sports ground. He later shot clouds of electrons toward this simulated Earth to fabricate a well-ventilated phenomenon that looked behind the aurora. This configuration is exactly the same as in a subtle body, as explained below.

Anatomy of the Subtle Body

According to plasma metaphysics, the subtle body is a body of magnetic plasma (or “magma”). It sits inside an ovoid which has a plasma “auric” sheath as regards it (equivalent to the sphere in the Birkeland device) and contains a magnetized central channel (equivalent to the electromagnet in the Birkeland device)