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Top definition. Parting the Red Sea unknown. Sexual intercourse with a woman while she is menstruating.

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A man who says no to sticking it in Aunty Flo hardly warrants the title of man. Once a month, blood comes out of my vagina. This is totally normal and absolutely not gross.

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But according to a team of gynecologists at the University of Michiganlaying down a towel and doing the deed during her time of the month is actually a really good idea, because it has some surprising health benefits that will make her feel a lot better — if and only if you make her orgasm. The doctors believe that having period sex might shorten the length of her period if you make her come, which is awesome news to women who wish their period would just fuck off already. To put things as simply and non-descriptively as possible, having an orgasm makes her uterus contract, which can help get the blood and tissue out of there in a timelier manner.

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Blood coagulation is generally. Description: When to Call the Doctor Every woman has been there: You think your period is over, so you ditch the panty liners and grab the white pants. And then, when you least expect it, you see red.

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See: Donald Trump vs. The list of women talking frankly about their flow hit record highs inwhen Harvard Business School graduate and musician Kiran Gandhi ran the London Marathon sans tampon, pad, or cup. Media outlets like NPR deemed the year of the period, and the conversation continues to grow.

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There I was, sat between cardiac arrests and car accidents, wearing what I can only describe as a menstrual nappy. Skip navigation! Story from Health.

Top definition. Mother Nature unknown. A term used to personify nature.

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In the era of the Quantified Selfself-tracking apps exist for just about everything, including for women to keep track of their menstrual cycle. There are dozens of free options for women to choose from, e. I became aware of the book at a full-moon breathwork ceremony where we were learning about how to sync our cycles to the moon. What can I say?

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Hot busty Latina with huge fake tits sucking her boyfriends cock and letting him fuck her pussy while on period! You can see her changing the mood as impact of her period, but that does not stop them from having sex on live cams for money, you know what they say is Christmas today! Fucking Busty Latina Teen on Period.

I'm a huge advocate for period sex. First and foremost because menstruating women at least, a lot of us tend to be are—how do I put this delicately? And I don't mean "just saw a picture of Tom Hardy with a puppy" horny. I'm talking about "spit on my vagina, spank me on the ass, and call me the filthiest thing you can think of in a foreign language" horny.